Motorcycles: With Increased Gas Mileage Come Increased Risks

With gas prices hovering above $4.00, people may turn to two-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles or scooters in an effort to save money. Many motorcycles get between 50 and 70 MPG, while scooters approach 95 MPG.

However, as many people are probably aware, motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles are inherently more dangerous than cars. While approximately twenty percent of automobile accidents involve injury or death, this figure is about eighty percent for motorcycle accidents. Unlike automobiles, these vehicles offer no protection between you and the road.

Here are a few pointers to help you keep safe if you choose to hit the road on a motorcycle or scooter:

— Always wear a helmet. They are your only defense against serious head injuries.
— Never drink alcohol before operating a motorcycle.
— Watch for hazards in the road such as large cracks, holes, and bumps.
— Make sure your headlight is on every time you ride.
— Always check for vehicles coming from side streets or driveways.

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