Truck Accidents Caused by Fatigue and Overwork

Driver fatigue and the pressure of delivering cargo on time can lead to tragic results. Alvin Wilkerson a driver for Crete, a national commercial carrier based in Nebraska had not slept in 34 hours and was being told to deliver another load when the accident happened. The result was that Wilkerson’s semi tractor trailer slammed into the car stopped ahead and killed 7 children all brothers and sisters. Alvin Wilkerson plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter and is serving a lengthy prison sentence. Crete truck lines is under investigation for both criminal negligence and civil negligence. The communication between Wilkerson and the company dispatcher has come under scrutiny along with the driver logs and schedules. Driver fatigue and delivery pressure can lead to this terrible result. This appears to be a truck accident that was completely avoidable. Truck safety regulations must be followed to prevent this type of tragedy.

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