Employer Workers Comp Fraud

We often hear from the insurance industry about the “bad apple” employee that has been fraudulent in her workers compensation claim. By all statistical accounts the percentage of fraud committed by injured workers is in the low single digits. However, the fraudulent activity of some employers is rampant and has devastating effects on the individuals injured in workplace accidents.
A measure of justice was served yesterday when three CEO’s, Donald Edward Touchet, Richard E. Standridge and Robert J. Jennings were sentenced to federal prison for a combined 55 years and forfeitures exceeding $75 Million. Federal prosecutor Mark B. Devereaux methodically put together this extremely complicated case that affected over a million injured working people. Amazingly, there is more to be done as Devereaux is tirelessly working to track down another defendant who fled to Europe.
If you are the victim of employer fraud or observe your employer committing fraud contact an attorney familiar with this type of claim immediately.

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