Veterans Require Fair Disability Ratings

Thousands of life changing injuries and events have been suffered by our wounded service members. The disability rating process is one that is daunting to our injured warriors.

All too often there are the misdiagnosis’ regarding traumatic brain injuries (TBI)and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Both injuries can be difficult to diagnosis but are none the less serious and can alter the cognitive abilities, coping mechanisms and quality of life of the service member and their families.

The service member has the burden of proof regarding these injuries and in most cases must rely on a military medical system that is over committed and often lacks adequate diagnostic equipment and sufficient quantities of experienced medical clinicians.

Furthermore, the rules for disability ratings and their application varies among the services which leads to skewed results that fail to assign the appropriate disability rating and consequently further harm the military member.

It is extremely important for the service member to secure all their medical records and for friends and family members to assist the service member in demanding the appropriate care despite the resistance from the medical system and consequently the physical evaluation board (PEB) who assigns the disability rating.

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