St Johns River Top Ten Endangered River

The St. Johns River has the dubious honor of being rated as one of the top ten most endangered rivers in the United States of America. In fact, it ranked number six due to the initiatives of the St Johns River Water Management Districts (SJRWMD)to issue permits for pumping millions of gallons out of the river daily for Seminole County Florida consumption while simultaneously issuing permits to dump millions of gallons of polluted industrial water back into the river. The organization tasked with protecting the watershed of Central and Northeast Florida has abandoned its mission to look the other way while big money takes over. The annual report of American Rivers has placed the St Johns on this list due to the actions of the SJRWMD and the reckless disregard the for the health of the river. As a member of the legal board of the St Johns Riverkeeper we are waging a legal battle to save our river and the health of our community.