Driving While Texting Causes Accidents

Accidents caused by not paying attention to driving while text messaging on cell phones is quickly becoming a leading cause of automobile crashes that range from minor bumps to multi vehicle fatal accidents. Many states are studying laws to prohibit text messaging commonly called texting while driving. Regardless of whether or not new specific laws are created there are currently laws applicable such as careless or reckless driving. If you are hit by someone it is always important to accurately notice the time of the impact because that may very well coincide with texting or cell phone usage of the at fault driver at the time of the crash. This information may at least raise a question as to whether the at fault driver was distracted and negligently caused the accident. Texting and driving do not mix. Most drivers would not consider reading a book or writing a letter while driving. Unfortunately, the buttons and screen of cell phone devices seem to make that acceptable to some. Many safety experts are concerned that texting and cell phone distraction while driving may be even a greater risk on our roadways than DUI or driver fatigue.

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