Awareness of Vehicle Recalls is Critical to Your Safety

Faulty cars and trucks claim lives or cause life altering injury virtually everyday in this country. We all have heard about Firestone tires separating and causing rollovers, Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer SUV’s improperly engineered causing terrible crashes and non deployment of airbags which we rely on to protect us. We see the tragic results of defects all the time. Often, vehicle or equipment manufactures are reluctant to notify us of these conditions because it costs money to fix the problems they cause. Rather than prevent a tragedy they sometimes would rather deal with the results on a case by case basis. It is critically important to be aware of your vehicles recall notices or to report problems you are experiencing. The Public Citizen web site is a good source of information providing up to date recall notices and links to report problems with the make and model of your vehicle. Please see this link to review recall information and history on most makes and models of cars and trucks.

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