Truck Safety is No Accident

Commercial Carriers operate thousands of trucks commonly called 18 wheelers on our roads 24 hours a day carrying approximately 70 percent of the goods we consume or export. With this commerce comes responsibility which is linked together much like the links of a chain. Each measure of safety is a link and if one of the links is not strong the chain breaks. Lack of safety inspection of equipment by drivers is a critical link and can cause deadly consequences if not done properly. A fully loaded truck at 80,000 pounds going 70 miles an hour that experiences a failure is at best a disaster for the trucking company and its property, and often worse, resulting in the serious injury or death of innocent drivers and passengers. Each driver of a commercial vehicle is required to conduct a straight forward and thorough safety check. Failure to check and maintain brakes or adequate tire air pressure for instance causes thousands of crashes each year. The securing of a trucks cargo or load is critical to safety as is the adherence of traffic regulations and work hour requirements which prevent driver fatigue.

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