Truckers Must Secure Their Loads

We have all seen the humerous news coverage where a truck lost their load of chickens, or the like, on a rural country road along with footage of trying to capture the birds, etc. Unfortunately, we all too often have seen commercial trucks involved in accidents due to their load being improperly secured and shifting or entirely coming off the trailer. These types of accidents regularly cause death or serious injury. These accidents are also preventable if applicable safety regulations are followed. Adequate use of securing procedures to include straps, chains, dunned and stop roll methods work. It is troubling when safety shortcuts are taken by commercial carriers due to lack of training of drivers, not supplying proper equipment or lack of enforcing compliance of safety standards. It is important to report an unsafe truck by using your cell phone and calling *FHP (Florida Highway Patrol), 911 or the local law enforcement agency and providing the location (ie: Northbound I-95 at mile marker 344 or Exit 65 etc.), trailer number/license tag and company name or description of the tractor trailer. Reporting a safety problem may likely save a life or injury and almost certainly prevent costly property damage.

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