Air Bag Scams That Kill

You just bought that nice pre-owned car or have gotten your car back from the body shop and have loaded the family up for a test drive. It looks good and everyone is buckled in and you have the piece of mind that your air bag system is ready to go, but is it? Is the air bag even in the car. The panels saying “air bag” are there but is the bag and deployment system present and in working order? Recently it has been discovered that some dishonest car brokers and body shop operators are scamming their customers by not installing air bags after an accident or simply stuffing the air bag compartment with a non operational air bag or other junk and then charging for its alleged repair. You don’t know when you are going to be in an accident but you want to know that when you are that you are protected. Make sure that you learn as much as you can about the vehicle history before you buy and then protect yourself by checking and having an independent mechanic verify the system is working properly. See the attached site for detailed tips on avoiding what could be a tragic injury or death.

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