Insurance Industry Committing Workers Compensation Fraud

Remember the Allstate commercials with the deep voiced announcer stating that the company investigates fraud to help the public or the Liberty Mutual ad with the blood hounds and the dog handler saying “sniff it out boys” as the over voice talks about fraud investigation. Unfortunately the insurance industry successfully has developed this perception while failing to keep themselves clean. As evidence the State of Florida just completed its investigation where several workers compensation carriers must refund millions of dollars in illegal premiums to their customers. Two weeks ago United States Attorney Mark Devereaux convicted 3 principals of fraudulent workers compensation providers for fraud that resulted in thousands of injured workers not receiving necessary medical care and their families facing financial ruin. One needs to simply look back at a PBS documentary outlining the fraud committed by the insurance industry and the sales job to distort the truth. Unlike the impression left by the insurance industry only 1 to 2 percent of all workers claims are fraudulent. It is clear that the industry fraud far exceeds that percentage. The facts speak for themselves. Please see the PBS site for details.

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