Rebar Impailment Case

Rebar, is present on many construction sites and always presents a serious if not lethal risk to not only construction workers but also site visitors and delivery personnel. The safety precautions are simple and inexpensive. They range from installing reusable caps which cost a few cents to bending over the ends of the rebar much like a “candy cane” that costs nothing.

Rebar injuries due to negligent safety precautions or the complete lack of safety measures injure and kill thousands each year. Attached is a Florida Times Union newspaper article outlining a case our firm is currently handling.

Needless to say a cap costing pennies and literally taking one second to install could have saved millions of dollars in medical bills alone not to mention the tremendous suffering by the victim and his family. If you see a dangerous rebar condition report it immediately and if not corrected report the violation to OSHA. It could save your life or that of a fellow worker.

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