Botox Patients Beware

Botox injections have become common place in the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Botox can be temporarily effective in creating a youthful appearance if used correctly by trained and licensed physicians. The temporary effect of Botox also leads to repeated procedures that are rather expensive. The fact that the injections must be repeated to keep the patients wrinkles at bay has created a lucrative industry and unfortunately a “black market” for Botox and counterfeit Botox. The dangers are apparent in that the Botox purchased by a dishonest practice or unlicensed provider can have varying solution strengths which effect the proper dosage and ultimate outcome. Worse yet, counterfeit Botox, can include a multitude of harmful or totally ineffective ingredients. Obviously, the results can range from a patient simply paying for nothing to suffering from permanent disfigurement, serious illness or death. Before undergoing this procedure a patient should completely investigate the physician or clinics credential and reputation.

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