Truck Speed Kills

Common sense tells most everyone that has been on an interstate highway that many semi tractor trailer rig drivers speed excessively. Everyone has seen or heard about the tragic loss of life or hideous injuries related to a wreck or experienced the lengthy traffic jams as the tractor / trailer is pulled off the road.

Large trucks as mentioned have much less potential to stop quickly due to the sheer weight and dimensions of the vehicle. Likewise, the trailers are often overloaded (too much weight for the braking system) and / or the load is not secured properly.

A load that is not properly secured is a disaster waiting to happen and can range from the load falling off the trailer and into traffic or the load shifting and causing the entire tractor / trailer to overturn onto the surrounding traffic.

Interestingly, virtually every wrongful death or personal injury case  have handled involving these large trucks have had at least one of these factors present and more often than not all three factors were present as the cause of the accident and injury.

Finally , The American Truckers Association has endorsed the use of tamper proof speed governors that limit the speed of a truck to 68mph.

This has been endorsed the American Automobile Association (AAA) and the Teamsters Union are in agreement but have requested a slower speed of 62mph.

Sadly, these safety devices will not be required for at least two years. How many more lives will be forever changed or cut short as these newest safety features are delayed?

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